Foreleg Length
Date: Tuesday, November 10 @ 06:47:00 CST
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Depth of Chest to Height ratio.

Recent discussions between several breeders and ourselves arose about the proportions of the German Shepherd dog with regard to the perceived length of foreleg. The human eye can be very misleading when viewing any animal with regard to height and or proportions.

When one looks at the actual measurements of animals taken on the day of the breed survey and calculated to determine the correct ration of 45% depth to 55% leg length ones perception does not always match the actual measurement.

For example Ch*Iniff Vagrant Height 64.5cm Depth of Chest 29.5cm
Depth of chest to Height ratio: 45.7% depth 54.3% leg length

Examples of correct proportions are detailed below.

Height Ideal Depth
66cm 29.70cm
65cm 29.25cm
64cm 28.80cm
63cm 28.30cm
61cm 27.45cm
60cm 27.00cm
59cm 26.55cm
58cm 26.10cm

Animals which are short in the foreleg are typically short in the upperarm and also in the neck due to a forward placed shoulder blade.

These animals generally also have a short under chest, which reduces their lung capacity and overall endurance and stamina.

Ideally the length of foreleg should be at least 55% of the overall height of the dog.

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