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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 


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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

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lesko v wildsteiger land ( 9 )
hasenway putz ( 8 )
rhosyn yankee denim ( 8 )
wominda autumn rebel ( 8 )
rhosyn kismett ( 7 )

10 most popular dogs.
Calle v Westervenn ( 2514 )
Esko ad Haus Zygadto ( 1811 )
Rhosyn Lightening Storm ( 1476 )
Rhosyn Kismett ( 1253 )
Rhosyn Hot Koko ( 1177 )
Artus v Schloss am Worthersee ( 1116 )
Rhosyn Bam Bam ( 1023 )
Rhosyn Anika ( 1000 )
Rhosyn Dangerous Affair ( 964 )
Babenberg Joachim ( 911 )

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 Name : Sire : Dam :
 Ubermacht Ace Is HighLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Ace Is WildLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Aceof CardsLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Aceof ClubsLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Aceof DiamondsLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Aceof HeartsLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht Aceof SpadesLindendale ThunderboltIccara Impulse
 Ubermacht BanyallaKarlstadt Tumblin DiceQuanton Moonlight
 Ubermacht BarbaosKarlstadt Tumblin DiceQuanton Moonlight
 Ubermacht Black MagicSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht CamparySan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Casino ChanceSan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Cherry BrandySan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Cherry RipeSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Chubby CheckerSan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht CointreauSan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Crazy CharlieSan Ricco HarlequinSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Druid DanteRobby v ArjakjoQuainton Moonlight
 Ubermacht EcaroFrabern Gundo Of VornlanteTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht ElgnerFrabern Gundo Of VornlanteTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht ElkeFrabern Gundo Of VornlanteTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht ETFrabern Gundo Of VornlanteTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht FabianFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht FaganFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht FerrariFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht FerreroSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht ForerunnerFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Fraggle RockFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht FrauleinFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht FriedrichFraburn Gundo Of VornlanteSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Geisha GirlRobby v ArjakjoUbermacht Banyalla
 Ubermacht Georgie GirlRobby v ArjakjoUbermacht Banyalla
 Ubermacht GidgetRobby v ArjakjoUbermacht Banyalla
 Ubermacht GuliverRobby v ArjakjoUbermacht Banyalla
 Ubermacht HagarLuftschelle Aussie CrawlSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht HannahLuftschelle Aussie CrawlSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht HeiserLuftschelle Aussie CrawlSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht HoboLuftschelle Aussie CrawlSpirzhund Banja
 Ubermacht Hot ChocolateSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht IchmurUnkas vd Hohen ErleTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht IlkaUnkas vd Hohen ErleTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht Ilsa CarlettaUnkas vd Hohen ErleTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht IngoUnkas vd Hohen ErleTexoma Bellanca
 Ubermacht KarlaBremerstein Handsome HuiUbermacht Cherry Brandy
 Ubermacht Kentucky LadVolscaro AlcidesJentol Reckless Rascal
 Ubermacht KrystalBremerstein Handsome HuiUbermacht Cherry Brandy
 Ubermacht Kubla KhanBremerstein Handsome HuiUbermacht Cherry Brandy
 Ubermacht LachelleBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LancelotBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LaraBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LeichaBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LincolnBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LitaBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LoganBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht LuluBremerstein Handsome HuiDogrock Lass
 Ubermacht Red TulipSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht RoscherSkefmora MaurieVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Silver BulletTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Silver CharmTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Silver FaroukPeshar CalistoVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Silver NightTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Silver NuggetPeshar CalistoVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Silver RoseTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Silver SodaPeshar CalistoVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Silver StarTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht SilveradoTurnberry NomadUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Soona Or LataPeshar CalistoVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht UschiBremerstien Handsome HuiVinberg Silver Lark
 Ubermacht Xmas CarolTexoma High RollerUbermacht Ginger Megs
 Ubermacht Xmas CrackerTexoma High RollerUbermacht Ginger Megs
 Ubermacht Xmas HolleyUbermacht Aceof SpadesUbermacht Zig Zag
 Ubermacht Xmas HollyTexoma High RollerUbermacht Ginger Megs
 Ubermacht Zig ZagBodanvale TzarVinberg Silver Lark
 Uda vd Neuzenlache  
 Uffi v FiemereckDux della ValcuviaUrte v Fiemereck
 Ufla v Stueveschacht  
 Uhlmsdorf AbbeyRosko v AduchtUhlmsdorf McGinty
 Uhlmsdorf AdisonRosko v AduchtUhlmsdorf McGinty
 Uhlmsdorf AlexRosko v AduchtUhlmsdorf McGinty
 Uhlmsdorf AlfRosko v AduchtUhlmsdorf McGinty

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