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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 


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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

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5 most popular searches
over the last 7 days

lesko v wildsteiger land ( 11 )
rhosyn yankee denim ( 11 )
hasenway putz ( 10 )
rhosyn kismett ( 10 )
wominda autumn rebel ( 10 )

10 most popular dogs.
Calle v Westervenn ( 2515 )
Esko ad Haus Zygadto ( 1812 )
Rhosyn Lightening Storm ( 1477 )
Rhosyn Kismett ( 1255 )
Rhosyn Hot Koko ( 1179 )
Artus v Schloss am Worthersee ( 1117 )
Rhosyn Bam Bam ( 1025 )
Rhosyn Anika ( 1003 )
Rhosyn Dangerous Affair ( 965 )
Babenberg Joachim ( 912 )

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 Name : Sire : Dam :
 Tabata du Val D AnzinUrsus v BatuRonda du Val D'Anzin
 Taboo v NordteichIdol v Holtkamper HofKelli v Overledingerland
 Taboo v NordteichIdol v Holtkamper HofKelli v Overledingerland
Tacko v Haus Dexel has a photographTacko v Haus DexelCalle v WestervennNanzy v Haus Dexel
Tacko vd Felsen Grotte has a photographTacko vd Felsen GrotteJeck v NoricumShela v Hasenborn
 Tacko vd WienerauNufo vd WienerauXandra vd Wienerau
 Tadellos Hein v Konigsbruch  
 Tahara Hells TempestAnfeuren v GeschwindHarradei Gabrielle
 Tahara Huggy BearAnfeuren v GeschwindHarradei Gabrielle
 Tahdu AdventuressFello v Michelstadter RathausRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu ApolloVooadious FB HavocRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu Lord BartonVooadious FB HavocRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu MagnificentVooadious FB HavocRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu MissVooadious FB HavocRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu Sea SprayVooadious FB HavocRuanill FL Miss
 Tahdu SeamistFello v Michelstadter RathausRuanill FL Miss
Tahiti v Hochmoor has a photographTahiti v HochmoorWallace a AgrigentoFici v Hochmoor
 Tai Pan JarekTai Pan FeroVon Forell Zola
 Tai Pan LexusMagnum v SennertalTai Pan Flame
 Tainlark AaronHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark AbracadabraHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark Ali BabaHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark Arch AngelHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark AristocratHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark ArmadaeusHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark AstuteHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainlark AvengerHasenway RamboTainuis Witchery
 Tainquest AbbeyAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest AmorAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest Amors AramisTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors CricketTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors DakotaTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors DylanTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors EbonyTainquest AmorShepswalk Pepper
 Tainquest Amors EllieTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors FreiaTainquest AmorShepswalk Pepper
 Tainquest Amors JadeTainquest AmorShepswalk Pepper
 Tainquest Amors KristaTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors PepperTainquest AmorShepswalk Pepper
 Tainquest Amors RajahTainquest AmorShepswalk Pepper
 Tainquest Amors SinnerTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest Amors TanniTainquest AmorBrendeter Innamincka
 Tainquest BaronHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BeckieHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BelleHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BewitchingHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BrettHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BridgetteHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest BrookieHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest CaraAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest CondorHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest CorieHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest DinaHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest DonnaHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest EmmaHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest GalaxieHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest HeidiAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest HeroAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest KaysarAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest KhanAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest KurtAlimanda Get SmartTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest LaraHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest SabreHasenway QuallTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest SaltunAlimanda Get SmartTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest SatanAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest TanikaAmor v DreibirkenhausTairnbacher Questa
 Tainquest TaraAlimanda Get SmartTairnbacher Questa
 Tainuis AbbyCondor v ArminiusDanaeve Mars Rhapsody
 Tainuis AnneCondor v ArminiusDanaeve Mars Rhapsody
 Tainuis ArgusCondor v ArminiusDanaeve Mars Rhapsody
 Tainuis ArriCondor v ArminiusDanaeve Mars Rhapsody
 Tainuis AstaCondor v ArminiusDanaeve Mars Rhapsody
 Tainuis BecomingTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis BeguilingTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis BewitchingTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis Black MagicTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis BlazeTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis BossTainuis SaxonTainuis Hot Stuff
 Tainuis CaptainTainuis TriumphStobar Lassos Foxylady
 Tainuis CavalierTainuis TriumphStobar Lassos Foxylady

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