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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 


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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

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5 most popular searches
over the last 7 days

iniff vagrant ( 7 )
lesko v wildsteiger land ( 6 )
ingo v hafenlohrtal ( 5 )
quincito awol ( 5 )
argus v aducht ( 5 )

10 most popular dogs.
Calle v Westervenn ( 2405 )
Esko ad Haus Zygadto ( 1763 )
Rhosyn Lightening Storm ( 1445 )
Rhosyn Kismett ( 1183 )
Rhosyn Hot Koko ( 1133 )
Artus v Schloss am Worthersee ( 1084 )
Rhosyn Bam Bam ( 997 )
Rhosyn Anika ( 934 )
Rhosyn Dangerous Affair ( 919 )
Babenberg Joachim ( 886 )

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 Name : Sire : Dam :
 Habsburg Condors DixieTufflys MavirickSantalina Perle
 Habsburg Nicos DagmarNando v AngerSantalina Perle
 Habsburg Nicos DargoNando v AngerSantalina Perle
 Habsburg Nicos DesmaNando v AngerSantalina Perle
 Habsburg Nicos DonnaNando v AngerSantalina Perle
Hacky v Finkenschlag has a photographHacky v FinkenschlagSasko vd NoriswandTina v Santis-Eck
 Hada v Richterbach  
 Hadassah AngieRocko v HuhnegrabMausi v Seebachtal
 Hadassah Barley SugarHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Big ShotHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Black JackHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Blue PrintHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah BogartHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah BrandoHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Bubble GumHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Bulls EyeHadassah XavierVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Cannon BallQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Charlie BrownQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Chatter BoxQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah China DollQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Choir BoyQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Chorus GirlQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah CitoQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Cracker JackQuincito AwolHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Day DreamerQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah DelilahQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah DellawareQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah Dirty DickQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah Dirty HarryQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah Dizzy LizzyQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah Dream GirlQuincito AwolManprince Gaity Star
 Hadassah Easy CatchBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Easy Does ItBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Easy GoerBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Easy LivingBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Easy RiderBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Easy To LoveBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah High HopeEdensmuir RoyalistEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah High LightEdensmuir Royalist of BedwinEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah High NoteEdensmuir RoyalistEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah High TimeEdensmuir RoyalistEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah Just A SkiteCasar v LohnerringEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah Just RightCasar v LohnerringEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah Just RyteCasar v LohnerringEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah Lucky StrikeEdensmuir BonanzaEdensmuir Black Chiffon
 Hadassah Magic Moment  
 Hadassah Moody BluesEdensmuir Burnished GoldEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah Nice N EasyBaccara Red BeretHadassah Barley Sugar
 Hadassah Nite FeverVolscain JesterBedwins Spiritus
 Hadassah Nite RiderVolscain JesterBedwins Spiritus
 Hadassah RenoBratara SultanHadassah High Light
 Hadassah RingoBratara SultanHadassah High Light
 Hadassah RudiBratara SultanHadassah High Light
 Hadassah SouloWonganunda HermanHadassah High Light
 Hadassah TivoliPirol v TronjeEdensmuir Cassandra
 Hadassah XavierCondor v ArminiusHadassah High Light
 Hadassah XquisiteCondor v ArminiusHadassah High Light
 Hadassah YakkoRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah YanosRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah YasminRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah YensieRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Yo YoRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah YogaRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah Yogi BearRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah YorRocko v HuhnegrabVolscain Dana
 Hadassah ZamboRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadassah ZanyRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadassah ZiggiRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadassah ZinaRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadassah ZorbaRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadassah ZorroRocko v HuhnegrabHadassah Soulo
 Hadi v Tascherhof  
 Hadja v Drei BirkenzwingerNero v HirschelMary v Drei Birkenzwinger
 Haflingertal AidagalHasenway OrroHagenstolz Tatitana
 Haflingertal ArroHasenway OrroHagenstolz Tatitana
 Haflingertal AttaboyHasenway OrroHagenstolz Tatitana
 Haflingertal AttagirlHasenway OrroHagenstolz Tatitana
 Haflingertal AwesomHasenway OrroHagenstolz Tatitana
 Haflingertal BacardyHasenway PutzHagenstolz Shiralee
 Haflingertal BaileyHasenway PutzHagenstolz Shiralee

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